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How Can You Do This To Me?

January 16, 2012

Well - it happened again this morning.

Hachiko - our 4 legged escape artist got away from me again - this time while wearing a harness. Still can't figure out how he did it, but this isn't supposed to be possible. It can't be any tighter without cutting off his air or circulation - but he still got out of it.

A neighbor was going to give him a piece of his favorite treat - chicken strips.

He got spooked - backed up - and out of his harness.

He's probably thinking - how can you do this to me?
How can you put me in a situation where I'm afraid?

The good news - we live on a small street with very little traffic.
He got across the street OK.
He then proceeded to run straight home.
I called my wife on the cell phone - she opened the door and he ran straight in.

Of course - from my point of view -
I'm thinking - how can you do this to me? How can you keep running away? I'm not doing anything to put you in danger and want nothing but the best for you.

It's now a few hours later.

I spent part of the morning dealing with a situation that caused me to get pulled over for expired license plate tags on the used car I just bought after my old one was totaled when someone turned left in front of me.

Ten years ago - I'd be asking God - why are you doing this to me? A slight variation on this theme of how can you do this to me - but not that different.

On the way to the dealer this morning, one of the songs playing was about how we should run to God with our problems - all of our problems. And if we don't - we can end up going through some unnecessary pain.

The sermon this past Sunday was about stress - and how it can lead to us being tired - irritable - angry. I don't think I've hit the irritable / angry mode yet. I'm certainly tired. Nothing really major has happened with awful consequences - but so many things - one after another.

And so I'm thinking about how this relates to Hachi running back home this morning.

He's mostly Chow Chow .
He's got one preferred person in his life -
and it's clearly me.
He was with me -
but he got scared -
and he ran home -
presumably to where he'd be safe -
where he knows I'll be (eventually).

So all these events - plus the song - reminds me how close these two things parallel.

I'm a human -
There's One preferred "Person" in my life -
it's God - the Father / Son / Holy Spirit God of the Bible.
He was with me when all these things happened -
but I get stressed out over them -
and I run to Him -
where I know I'll be safe -
where I know He'll be (when I reach out to Him).

The thing is -

in Hachi's case -
I was right there with him -
all along -
but he ran away from me -
to get to me at home.

I wonder -
in my case -
I know God's right there with me -
through all of it -
but am I running away from Him in those events -
to reach out to Him in a safer place?

Wouldn't we both be better off reaching out for the "one" in the moment -
instead of waiting for a later time when it's already safer -
and the fear / stress of the moment is already reduced?

The answer -
of course -

This makes me wonder then -

While we're busy saying to God -
"How can you do this to me? "
when we think He's doing something to us and we're busy trying to "find" Him


How many times does He say to us -
"How can you do this to Me?"
when He's right there all the time and we're running off to try to find Him.

Sorry Lord -

I'll try looking right away -
where I am -
where You are -
right there -
right then.